Friday, May 4, 2018 - Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Company plus Card a way to save money

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Kroger Company is one of the largest supermarket chains in the country. The Kroger Company offers customers the opportunity to use the Kroger Plus card and the 1-2-3 MasterCard rewards to earn fuel rewards points for fuel discounts. At present Kroger is offering its clientele a possibility of winning some great prizes by providing krogerfeedback. Earn a discount of 10 cents per gallon of fuel to spend in multiples of $ 100 with the Kroger Plus card. Use the 1-2-3 MasterCard Rewards and earn an additional five cents per gallon of discount fuel. Things You'll Need 


    • Automatic Bill Payment
    • MasterCard Global Service
    • Travel Assistance Services
    • Worldwide Acceptance
    • The participating Kroger Family of Companies Fuel Centers
    • Free every eligible net purchase
      • No annual fee.
      Not only does the Kroger plus Card save you money on your grocery purchases, it also qualifies you for special promotions and other giveaways. There are a lot of ways to make surewhat is the rewards points balance on your Kroger plus Card. You can easily check it.

      Step by step process

        • Look at the receipt from your most recent shopping trip at Kroger. Your bonus balance can be seen at the end of the receipt sleep.
        • If you previously have a My Kroger account, carry on to the next step. Once you come to page you can do login into your account.
        • Once you login at your Kroger plusaccount, then you will able to see your Kroger plus Card Information and can able to see the rewards.
        • If you don't already have a "My Kroger" account, click "Sign up today!" to get one.
        • Enter your zip code.
        • You will make out a pulldown menu come into view below the line Select your preferred store listing the stores that match your look for. Click on the down arrow and select the Kroger store you visit the most.
        • Fill out the rest of the fields on the sign-up page. Come in your personal detail like email address and a password in the suitable boxes.
        • Enter your contact information and click next.
        • You will then see the "Kroger – Sign-up Confirmation screen.
        • Click the check box next to "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions." Click "Complete registration" to complete the sign-up process.
          • Verify your mail address for a verification email from Kroger plus account. Click on the link to finalize your My Kroger plus account.


          Moreover, the register Kroger has coupon printers issues based on coupons can be triggered as well as coupons purchased sometimes slot like that machine coupons are printing. In this way you will be able to see your Kroger review point. For more info one can also contact at customer care of Kroger Company.

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