Friday, May 4, 2018 - Apply for BP Credit Card

Bp Alternative Credit Card

The BP Membership account is your key to access a wide range of credit products and specialized banking services. For More Information About MyBpCreditCard visit here. It will allow you to make use of your money from the most advanced, safe and comfortable channels that we have at your disposal.
It is the smartest option to solve debt problems. It allows you to consolidate your credit card debts and commercial houses, with a preferential interest rate and a convenient term. Additional we assign a credit limit on the card so you can make your purchases and enjoy promotions and discounts.


    • Preferential interest rate to consolidate debts.
    • Up to 48 months to pay.
    • A single charge of 1% on the amount requested.
    • A credit card with an additional limit is granted for use in purchases and cash withdrawals.
    • The fee to pay for debt consolidation is included in the credit card statement.
    • FREE lifetime membership for the owner.  

    Why choose Bp Alternative Credit Card

    • Easy to Access to the divide all program without interest to pay in installments all purchases made at national or international level.
    • Debt hedge program
    • Get your exclusive Banpais I-Shop Card for online purchases and you are assigned a Free box in Miami.
    • mybpcreditcard Internet service to check balances, payment of credit cards, withdrawal of credit card cash, among others. 
    • Easy to Access to BP Protégé + service for home, road, health and legal assistance. 
    • Mobile BP service to receive consumption alerts and credit card payments.

      Advantage of BP Membership account

      Life insurance is the best backing process of life insurance for accidental death without cost, which in case of death pays its beneficiaries up to $ 150,000 depending on the average monthly balance of the account of the last month to the date of death.

      Activity monitoring

      By contracting the service "Alerts Ban comer" you can monitor the activity of your account by receiving SMS messages on your cell phone. Messages are sent online when a movement is made in your account. 
      This service can be contacted at site, or through Línea Ban comer at 5226 2663 for Mexico City and metropolitan area, 3669 0229 Guadalajara, 8157 9111 Monterrey and 01800 226 26 63 long distance at no cost.

      Domiciliation of Services

       Forget about making long lines to pay for services such as water, electricity, telephone or pay television. Your BP Membership account allows you to pay your main payments automatically.

      Access from any networks

        In addition to checking your balances, account statements and carrying out transactions in our branch and ATM network, you can also do so by phone through Línea Ban comer or online at


      Bp Alternative Credit Card is a free service that protects you from the possibilities of fraud due to alterations, forgeries and theft, avoiding the payment of unauthorized checks, since each document is validated by system at the time of payment. Your checks will not be paid until you receive your registration through for all the time.

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