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Rewards by the Waste Management Company

Are you are a worker in the Waste Management Company? If yes, then company gives a chance to its employees to take contribute in the rewards program that can be access by either registering or signing in at the member account. This new smart wastebasket is especially indicated for the recycling of containers, since, according to this company, they are the ones that cause the most doubts among users when it comes to deciding their destination deposit.

Important materials

Today, the system recognizes the most common materials with which the containers are manufactured, for example, such as polyethylene (PET) or polypropylene (PP) and can also distinguish between a recyclable plastic and a compostable glass. But its potential in much greater, since such a system can be trained, facing the future, to recognize more materials.


  • Another important feature of this innovative garbage bin is that it rewards the user when the deposit of their waste is adequate, through an application that has been developed for mobile devices. 
  • The rewards consist of points to be redeemed at merchants that the user can use to their advantage or donate them for charitable causes. In this way we work to encourage recycling. 
  • One of its main advantages is that it helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 
    This new garbage can is designed for use in shopping centers, establishments in the food sector, airports and spaces where different types of packaging can be consumed.  In addition, the resulting waste is purer and easier to recycle. For companies that already have these cubes, the advantage is that they associate their brand with recycling, caring for the environment and environmental sustainability. So by mean of this one can take benefits of mywmtotalrewards.

    Segregation of waste brings measurable benefits

    • limiting the mass of waste polluting the environment
    • increasing ecological awareness
    • creating habits of order, savings and economy
    • reducing the risk to the environment and human health
    • extending the life of the site
    • obtaining secondary raw materials
    • Lower consumption of natural resources
    • cleaning waste management
    • Cheaper system of selective waste collection
    •  Reduction of operating costs of the repository


    Formed as a result of processing of crude oil, a non-renewable resource whose resources are shrinking at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, due to their chemical structure, they are practically undrinkable. Today, companies are under increasing pressure to be responsible for the end of life of their products, something that forces them to offer sustainable solutions. So far, more research has been done in the field of design and production of products to make them easier to recycle. However, this smart garbage bin shows that there is still room to work in the field of waste collection and sorting.  It is also forbidden to burn them, because a lot of carcinogens go to the air then. So by mange the waste one can save the environment and can earn some reward at anytime.

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