Friday, May 4, 2018 – Enroll With Verve Credit Card Account Online

Get More Information about The Verve Credit Card

The verve card is one of the types of a credit card for the people with the bad credit. It can be either unsecured or fully secured, which means you have to place a refundable security deposit of up to $500 for the initial credit limit. With the high approval rates, this card is designed to help you rebuild or build credit. The Verve credit card offers instant reports and approval to all three credit bureaus.
Depending upon your credit score, you will qualify for an unsecured card. It will help you to rebuild or build your credit card with an easy instant approval and online application. Like the most secured cards, this card offers a cash back rewards program at a rate of 1.5% cash back for the goods and services. It is very hard to make this card worth it with its maintenance fees and expensive annual. Avoid paying the additional fees. In the below section you will get vervecardinfo.

Features of Verve Credit Card

There are many features available in the Verve Credit Card which are given below

High APR

This card has the variable of 29.99% APR. It is higher than the other secured card options

High maintenance and annual fees

After the five years, this card is unique with its high annual and monthly fee.

Annual fee charged

Your annual fee is deducted from the credit card limit

No interest

Some card offer interest to grow money but with the verve, you won’t see your money grow

How to apply for the verve credit card

The only way to apply for this verve credit card is through the mail. Once you got the mail follow the instruction in it. This credit card approval is very easy and quick. You will get this credit card within 10 days after applying.

Things to do after getting the card

Once you got the card be sure you budget to pay for an initial deposit and annual fee.
    • Activate your card – once your card arrives, by using their customer service number activate your card within 30 days of receiving
    • Make timely payments – you should pay through your online account. By paying your balance in full avoid interest on your purchase.
    • Set up autopay – avoid unnecessary fees and interest by setting up automatic withdrawals
      • Switch cards after the first year – once your credit card improves apply for the better card after the first year.


      The card comes up with the annual fee of 125 dollars in the first year. It reduces to ninety-six dollars. Five dollars maintenance fee is also applicable to the card on every month.  Cardholders can get an extra card for the other half or any other family members for dollar thirty every year with this credit card. The customers who get the verve card from the company are able to manage their account by enrolling the card account online. So you can get this verve card to get high credit marks. 

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