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Talktosonic survey in Sonic drive-in restaurant

Talktosonic it is a platform where the customers can share their words and views on Sonics’ services and foods. They can also explain and share their views where they have experienced in the drive in restaurant. This survey which welcomes you to share the recent experience in the restaurants will help the customer and also the company improvement for the future development. And this will also provide good rewards and many other discounts on a menu or coupons will be provided during your next visit.


Sonic which is an American drive in fast food restaurant which was started on September 5th 2017 and there are about 3557 sonic restaurants in 45 US states it is an excellent growth within a short span of period. The menu of Sonic which consists of hamburgers, French fries as well as they include onion rings and breakfast toaster with sandwiches. Here drink options which include soft drinks, milk shakes and slashes. Here even ice cream desserts are included with many flavors and the customers can also combine drinks and flavors in order to create thousands of possible drink combinations.

Eligibility of entering in Talktosonic survey

This company which will allow only the previous customer to their store to take part in the survey it is because it's all about the customer satisfaction and only the customer will share the experience in the restaurant. So the person who has visited the sonic drive-in is eligible to enter into the Talktosonic survey.

How to participate website

Here before you start the website survey you have to clearly study and understand only then you could not stuck in the middle of the survey and you can avoid wasting time. The requirements which are needed for the survey are

  • Recent Sonic restaurant receipt from any part of the country and it should not be older than 14 days after purchasing in the sonic drive store. 
  • A device with proper internet connection 
  • Ability to use English or Spanish language

The steps which are involved to use the survey are

1. Initially open the browser and navigate to the official website survey

Here you can access the survey site by opening the page to, in this way you can access the site. And then you can directly enter into the survey page and here you have to choose the official guest satisfaction survey for the restaurant Sonic drive-in.

After getting into the page choose Talktosonic guest survey and here you will find the receipt which should not be older than 14 days of the purchase at any of the sonic drive stores. The main aim of this is the latest data which will come up with improvements to their services.

2. Choose a language

Here after opening the homepage you can choose the default language as English but there is a provision for Spanish language also. If you decide to use Spanish language then you can click the blue link in order to continue the survey page in Spanish.

Here you have to remember that you have to choose a language which understand you well so that which will not create a problem later on. Suppose if you are unable to change the language while undergoing this survey you cannot go back and change the language settings in the middle way through the survey so you should make sure that you choose the ideal language before you proceed.

3. Invitation code

This invitation code is the ID number which will be found in your receipt, and this number which will be located in the bottom of your receipt. Here after entering a valid ID number then you can click the start button and you can start the survey.

Here you have to answer the questions which are related to experience in the sonic restaurant and also you have to rate in some scales. For this survey please be truthful and you have to answer the questions according your experience faced in the store.

The questions which will be related only to the latest experience at the store some of the sample questions are
  • Your complete satisfaction level in the store 
  • The quality of  drink or the food which you have taken 
  • The menu which you have ordered at the store during your last visit 
  • Regarding the quality level of the facilities and services 
  • How you were treated at the facility in the store 
  • how much do you like the store and how frequently you use it 
  • Have you recommended the store to other people 
  • So these are the sample questions which will be raised regarding the sonic restaurant.

4. Contact information

After completing the survey satisfactorily the last step is you have to leave your contact information and this will help you the sonic restaurant to send you the latest information such as promotions, new products and mainly the offers. If you don’t want any information’s regarding this you can choose no if you don't want the company to send you any information’s.

5. Validation code

After completing the survey the validation code will be shown so please note it down since this code is very necessary to use as a redeem free drink from the store.

Finally you have completed this survey and during your next to visit of sonic drive-in restaurant you can show the coupon to the cashier and you can redeem it for free route 44. And here the important notice is that coupon could not be purchased for different order and it is valid only for 60 days don't hesitate to redeem it.


Sonic which is a world class drive in restaurant and it offers the customers an opportunity to sit in their own cars and they can enjoy their meal happily with a cup of iced of course and this is mainly achieved only because of the customer satisfaction survey which was taken by Talktosonic survey. So the survey which is mainly introduced for the benefits of the customers and it is very important that company accepts the main feedback from the customers in order to create customer service regulations for a better good service to the customer.

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